Amusement Park Security

The Problem
Over the last couple of years, threats targeting large crowds have been an issue. Amusement parks have over 50,000 people visiting each day. It is essential to keep them safe and feel secure.

Reference Robot
I looked at the K5 security robots used for various places like malls and parking garages to cut down on theft.
I was exploring what my robot would do and how it would look. I concluded that I wanted a friendly robot that scanned bags.
Final Form Exploration
CMF Moodboard
I wanted my robot to have an authoritative presence but still have a friendly face since it will be in amusement parks. I also wanted to keep my robot simple but durable for weather and terrain. 

Exploded View
Key Features
Design Details
How It Works
Romi assists security guards in the front by having a cubby opening with four cameras that scans your bag in a more accurate, quicker way.
Romi is 5 feet tall, making it easy for families to place their backpacks in Romi's cubby. 
Romi also patrols through the parks, ready to help and give assistants to anyone while scanning and securing the area. 
Romi is not associated with any amusement parks.

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