Public Transit Commuter Enhancement

Problem Statement
What does the post COVID return look like for the daily traveler?
Areas of Opportunity
With interviews and research, we found five areas that could be improved on for the Public Bus.
1. Perception of safety
Eliminating the perception of danger as commuters take public transportation at night or early in the morning.
2. Personal space 
Transportation feels crowded at times, and commuter wants to maintain their distance.
3. Productivity
Lack of space, privacy, and technology prevents commuters from accomplishing work-related tasks.
4. Cleanliness
Pre-COVID, there was a lack of sanitation on public transport, post-COVID cleanliness has improved, but users are still worried about the level of cleanliness.
5. Payment
You cannot use various forms of digital payment on public transportation, which deters users from using it.
Bus Routine
On Sit Research
Through in-person observation, we were able to see the issues the public transit was facing and how they were accommodating during this time. We wanted to make a change to improve these issues for the daily commuter.
We explored various ideas on and off the bus but were led to the final direction of a bus stop.
Chosen Direction
Sketch by Natalia Baltazar
Concept Variations
Mood Board/CMF Board
How it works
Wav is designed with a curve gesture in the middle of the form to break up the onboarding and off-boarding.
There are dots on the ground where commuters can line up when waiting for the bus, providing the users with their own space.
When the bus has arrives the right side will orginzly enter the bus from the first peron in line and everybody else following behind. On the right side the commuters can exsit the bus from the back door and conntine on with their day.
Graphic Aspects
In the back of Wav are the bus times that tell which bus is approaching and other helpful information.
The left side of Wav shows a map of the city and points out landmarks users can use to find nearby stops.
On the offboarding side, right when you exit is the city's wayfinding, frequently well-known places to visit.
Final Design

Other Designs

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