Portable Infant Phototherapy Device

Project Brief
Redesign existing medical equipment that is on the market.
Phototherapy Unit
• A Phototherapy unit produces a blue-green light that gives off light waves to penetrate the skin.
• It is used to treat newborns who have jaundice by lowering the bilirubin levels in their blood. 
• The baby’s skin and blood absorb the light waves which help change bilirubin into a water-soluble that can be easily excreted through stool and urine. 
Other conditions it can be used for:
• Psoriasis
• Vitiligo
• Eczema
• Dermatitis
• Cutaneous lymphoma (skin cancer)
• Moderate to severe acne
• Skin wounds from injury or diabetes
• Mental health conditions like depression, sleep problems, or seasonal affected disorder(SAD)
Task Analysis
The task analysis helped me break down how the phototherapy treatments are done at the hospital and how nurses and parents are involved in the treatment..
Problem Storyboard
Medical Workers:
• Big/bulky
• Hard to store
• Hassle to move around
• Having the correct light bulb
• Frequent bulb changes
• Having to bring back their babies to the hospital after going home
• Having to stay in the hospital longer
• Not being able to bond with their baby
Exploration 1
For the first round, I explored various ideas that would be used from home. I wanted to focus on designs that solved the original design issues and could be improved.
I decided to choose the flexible baby cocoon. It had a lot of potentials to be improved and elaborated on. There isn’t anything on the market like it, especially for the home.
Exploration Round 2
I began to explore different ways that the light pads could be charged. I also thought about secondary tools that the mother would have to use. 
This mock-up helped me to see how flat and boxy my design was. I wanted a more organic structure and easy to carry in your arms. 
Exploration Round 3
This design had a more organic shape, but the form was too thin and did not support the baby's body structure.
Testing Feedback:
• Pretty big
• Hard to carry it all
• Hard to make it easy to get the baby to the breast
• To long
• Maybe some part can detach and be wrapped around the baby when the mom wants to breastfeed or do skin on skin or in the carrier
• Look into a blanket idea or swaddling
• Babies like to feel like they're in the womb when they come out when a newborns
Exploration Round 4
I explored a simple, straightforward shape that I could easily carry around. I also changed where the battery could go. 
Making sure the device could be used for the skin on skin time was essential to me, and I decided to make the blanket easy to use. Added a timer to make it easy to track the treatments. However, the shape still lacked support for the baby.
Exploration Round 5
 I did more research and decided to add magnetic charging into my design. This helped get rid of unnecessary cords that could get in the way. 
However, this design became very big and too heavy to carry.

I looked into incorporating my extra items into the design to be easy to access and find, but this form was too thin to store the items easily. 
Exploration Round 6
 I made my design more cushioned and rounded to ensure it's comfortable for the baby and the mother when carrying it. I designed a bag attached to the main body with Velcro. The bag would carry the extra items.
Mood Board
Final Design Exploration
I found the main form but added and cleaned up the small details. I made sure the bag could fit all the items and be placed anywhere on the side of the main body by Velcro. I wanted it to be simple and more integrated into the device for the timer. 
CMF Board
Final Design
The baby can be carried and placed anywhere in the house and still receive treatment.
Device Bag
 During the treatment, the parents need to take the baby's tempter and blood levels using specific tools that the device bag will provide them with.
Magnetic Charging
 Luma uses magnetic charging. The blanket LED pad has a battery that can easily slide into the top zipper pocket of the blanket. The bottom LED pad magnetically connects to the side battery. Both batteries can be easily charged with a micro USB cord.
The mother can easily breastfeed the baby while it receives its treatments.
Skin On Skin Time
The blanket can be detached from the form and used during skin-on-skin time, providing the baby will still receive its phototherapy treatment and bond with the mother.
Baby Carrier
A baby carrier is provided for the parents. Four side buckles attach the baby carrier straps to the device. The parents can carry their baby anywhere while it still receives treatment.  

Other Designs

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